What‘s the advantage potential?

What‘s the advantage potential?

extended service life

  • no raceway edge loading
  • extreme failsafe running ability

increased pitch activity

less deformation under load

  • less leakage
  • less wear

smooth running

  • no drive torque peaks

less torque under load

  • allows smaller pitch drives
  • higher pitch dynamics possible
  • increased efficiency
  • less pitch failures

What‘s the value potential …

… for Wind Turbine Manufacturers?

manufacturing cost reduction

  • simplified and lighter adjacent structures
  • reduced tower top mass and structural loads

relaxed engineering

  • less sensitive to deformations of the adjacent structures
  • insensible to machining allowances
  • avoiding intellectual property right issues on reinforcement measures

… for Wind Farmers?

increased turbine availability

  • less pitch errors
  • extended maintenance intervals

lower replacement risk in field

bankable and insurable design

exceeds required service life

higher turbine efficiency

  • increased AEP (annual electricity production)
  • individual pitch control (IPC) perspective

environmental concern

  • less grease leakage