Next Level Pitch Bearing

T-Solid unfolds new perspectives for reduced cost of ownership, ensuring your return on investment!

Blade bearings of wind turbines are being challenged by bigger rotors including the trend to continuous pitching. IMO has developed the new blade bearing T-Solid especially for offshore and low site wind turbines. T-Solide is significantly less sensible against deformations of the adjacent structure, offers more leaktightness and provides a longer life potential than the conventional blade bearings.

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Here you find the in-depth technical review of WINDTECH covering our new blade bearing T-Solid 4IPC.

WindEnergy Hamburg 2016

WindEnergy Hamburg 2016

Find out all details about our new pitch bearing T-Solid 4IPC focused at 3–4MW low-wind onshore turbines and 6–8MW offshore turbines using IPC.
IMO`s booth hall 5/228.


  • three-ring-design, inner or outer ring split
  • double row axial raceways, 90 deg ball contact angle
  • single row radial raceway, 0 deg roller contact angle
  • ball separation by spacers
  • no filling plug required