Next Level Pitch Bearing

Used with large rotors and hub heights beyond the performance limits of conventional 2-row 4-point contact ball pitch bearings

  • 90 deg contact angle – no additional radial loads which cause detrimental ring distortions in 4-point contact ball bearings
  • Requires less stiffening measures, allows for lightweight rotor
  • Two rows of axial balls carry moment load in the center of the raceway – no edge loading
  • Smooth operation – even under substantial hub and blade root deformations
  • First choice for field retrofit in turbines which experience a shortfall in fatigue life due to raceway spalling or edge fractures, ring cracking, cage or grease leakage issues


  • three-ring-design, inner or outer ring split
  • double row axial raceways, 90 deg ball contact angle
  • single row radial raceway, 0 deg roller contact angle
  • ball separation by spacers
  • no filling plug required